Master Kush Shatter

Master Kush Shatter MKS


Flavors: Earthy, pungent, sweet
Medical: Relaxed, happy, euphoric, sleepy, uplifted
Used to help with: Stress, pain, depression, insomnia, headaches
Very pure and potent medicinal product. Best used in small quantities at a time.
THC: 83.83% CBD: 0.12%

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Master Kush Shatter is made using the highest quality of Master Kush cannabis grown in Canada. Master Kush is an Indica strain of cannabis brought to us by the Dutch White Label Seed Company.
Master Kush has lineage linking back to several different landrace strains that originated in Hindu Kush regions.
This strain is known for providing a full body euphoria along with mind-numbing effects.
With potency levels of 70-90% THC Content, This potent indica hybrid, with a sativa/indica ratio of 10:90, can reach THC levels , which makes it one of the stronger medical strains around.

Medical patients will find that Master Kush provides substantial relief from pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, depression, and more. Master Kush Shatter can be enjoyed within a concentrate pen, a dab rig, or mixed with your herb inside of a bowl or joint.


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